Article 1 PURPOSE

By using or visiting the website (www.BBANGYATV.com) or mobile application of the BBANYA TV NETWORKS (“BBANGYA TV”) or any products, software, data feeds, and services provided on, from, or through the BBANGYA TV, you (“User”) are subject to the following terms, references, rights, duties, responsibilities, and other related terms. The BBANGYA TV may update the Terms of Services time to time without notifying you,


The BBANGYA TV provides the Users various services including but not limited to personalized contents, programs, communication tools, internet shopping, and search services.

① “Services” require or include streaming services, downloadable software, and contributed contents being accessed by various electronic devices via the web and mobile sites of the BBANGYA TV. Its contents include but not limited to text, software, scripts, graphics, photos, sounds, videos, television programs, and all other audiovisual combinations.

② “User” means each individual including signed-in and non-signed members and non-registered members, who are intent to use the “Services” provided or developed by the BBANGYA TV.

③ “Member” means an individual, who agrees the Terms of Services and register his/her User ID through BBANGYA TV’s web site or mobile application.

④ “User ID” indicates an individual registered User’s nickname, Username, or email address, which is created in order to conveniently use for BBANGYA TV’s services.

⑤ “Password” means the User’s individual passcode in numbers or/and letters in order to protect his/her ID or personal information from an unauthorized access to his/her User ID.

⑥ “Paid Contents” indicates online digital programs or contents including but not limited to VOD, informative contents, item, and other paid services what the User has to pay in order to have an access.

⑦ “Free Contents” means online digital programs or contents including but not limited to VOD, informative contents, item, and other free services what the User does not require to pay for the access to the programs or contents.

⑧ “User Comments” indicates what the User uploaded letters, sounds, video, VOD, photos, comments and links on BBANGYA TV’s service platforms.


① The BBANGYA TV hereby provides the Users access to the Services through the web site or mobile application as set forth in these Terms of Service.

② Unless the BBANGYA TV violates the related laws including but not limited to Content Business Law, Consumer Protection Laws in Ecommerce, Basic Consumer Laws, the BBANGYA TV reserves rights to the Terms of Services accordingly.

③ When the BBANGYA TV revises or amends the Terms of Services, the BBANGYA TV shall make announcements regarding changes or amendments 7 days prior to the revised terms being effective. If changes are causing disadvantage to the Users, the BBANGYA TV shall make announcement 30 days before the new or revised terms being effective. Besides of making announcement on its main screen, the BBANGYA TV may send separate emails, messages, or upload pop-ups for making effective announcements.

④ When the Users are not explicitly or clearly disagreeing with those changes, the BBANGYA TV may assume the User agrees with those changes following to the announcement.

⑤ When the User clearly disagrees with the changes with written note or verbal disagreement, the BBANGYA TV cannot apply the changes to the Users, who disagree with the BBANGYA TV. The User can terminate his/her registration, membership, or account due to changes of the terms. When the BBANGYA TV cannot apply the non-changed version to the User, the BBANGYA TV can terminate the User’s registration, membership, or account as well.


① The BBANGYA TV may have additional terms or policies such as Paid Service Terms or Privacy Terms. Once there is an inconsistency among BBANGYA TV’s terms and policies, the Term of Services takes superiority over any other terms.

② Interpretation of matters, which are not clearly not mentioned or stated in any of the term shall be made or follow the common course of business practice and judgment.


① When the User clicks “agree” or “confirm” buttons on BBANGYA TV’s web or mobile application service platform, the BBANGYA TV assumes the User agrees with the terms.

② The User, who would like to enter into “Service” agreement, shall agree upon the Article 1 of the Terms of Services. The User shall use his/her own existing SNS account, which is business parters of BBANGYA TV such as Naver, Facebook, or Kakao Talk without filling out separate account registration forms and taking additional steps to register to BBANGYA TV. In any case needed, the BBANGYA TV may request further information to those Users at any time.

③ When the User intentionally or erroneously types invalid email addresses when using email log-in function (rather than SNS log-in), the BBANGYA TV is not responsible for any following consequences. Instead, the User takes all responsibilities.

④ The BBANGYA TV reserves the rights to decide whether the User violates the Terms of Service for the following occasions. The BBANGYA TV can immediately terminate the User’s account or not allow registering in a later date when the Users:

1. previously lost his or her right to membership and tries to re-register or create an ID unless s/he obtains permission prior to re-register as a member

2. provides forged names or identification (such as mobile devices, numbers, etc.)

3. provides fake or inaccurate, incomplete, or past information for registration, or omitting required fields

4. is a child under age of 14 registering to the services without permission of a parent or a legal guardian

5. causes defamation or libel to the others

6. violates the terms or local and national laws

7. causes other reasons or needs to the BBANGYA TV to terminate the services

⑤ The BBANGYA TV may request an additional authentication steps based on the types of membership under the Article 2,

⑥ The BBANGYA TV may hold an individual registration due to traffic, technical or business issues.

⑦ The BBANGYA TV shall notify the User when his/her registration is on hold under the Article 4 and 6,

⑧ The effective date of registration starts from the moment of BBANGYA TV’s confirmation of the User’s registration.

⑨ The BBANGYA TV may vary the types of membership based on the User’s hours of usage, service types, and etc.

⑩ The BBANGYA TV may restrict the User’s scope of the services based on “Movie and Video Content Laws” based on the User’s age.


① The User is required to provide true, accurate, complete, and current information to the BBANGYA TV. When the User forges or provides inaccurate or improper information, the BBANGYA TV may not protect disadvantages or damages followed by.

② When the User provides proper or accurate personal information and complies with the Terms of Services, the BBANGYA TV may not change or amend the information provided unless it harms or causes any legal issues to other Users or/and the BBANGYA TV.

③ When there is necessity to change personal information of the Users under the Article 2, the BBANGYA TV may notify to the User via SMS or website notification services.


The BBANGYA TV shall protect the User’s personal information as regulated under the Korea’s national “Telecommunication Information Act.” To protect the User’s personal information, the BBANGYA TV provides separate Privacy Terms.


① The User shall create an “ID,” which helps the effective management of BBANGYA TV’s services, and easily protects personal information of each user. However, the User cannot use his/her User ID indicating unlawful or inadequate means, slangs, or misleading others as a managing staff’s ID. In this case, the BBANGYA TV may restrict the User ID or limit his/her access to the services.

② The BBANGYA TV manages its membership through “User ID” as stated. It distinguishes availability of services based on each User ID.

③ The BBANGYA TV manages User ID under the related local or national laws.

④ The User shall put his/her due diligence managing his/her own ID carefully. When the User recklessly manages his/her “User ID” or allows the third party to use his/her User ID, the User shall compensate all the damages caused by his/her mismanagement or intentional giving away.

⑤ When the third party uses the User’s ID without the intended/original User’s authorization, the User shall immediately notify the BBANGYA TV and follow BBANGYA TV’s further instruction. When the User does not immediately notify it or does not follow BBANGYA TV’s instruction, the BBANGYA TV shall not liable for any damages following.

⑥ The User can change or modify “password” at any time if it follows BBANGYA TV’s rules set by.

⑦ The User is responsible for managing his/her “password.” However, the BBANGYA TV can suggest changing passwords occasionally to the Users.


① When the BBANGYA TV makes announcement to the Users, the BBANGYA TV can send administrative announcements via email, messenger, or SMS unless the terms explicitly set the method of communication.

② The BBANGYA TV can make its announcements to the entire Users through its website or announcement window on its website for 15 days. Those announcements should satisfy the terms in Article 1.


① The BBANGYA TV shall do its best to provide great quality of services to its Users and abiding the local and national laws and regulations.

② The BBANGYA TV shall secure its technical services in order to protect its User’s personal and password information. The BBANGYA TV shall publish its Privacy Terms and comply with the related laws of Korea.

③ When the User’s complaints are reasonable and continuous, the BBANGYA TV may resolve those issues within a reasonable time period. If it delays, the BBANGYA TV may notify to the Users via email or bulletin board about the reasons of delays and the process of resolving the issues.

④ The BBANGYA TV shall provide convenient ways to the Users when the BBANGYA TV enters into an agreement, amendment, or termination of agreement with the User.

⑤ When the BBANGYA TV provides its paid services to the Users, the BBANGYA TV shall clearly notify to the Users showing the notification on its main or FAQ screen pages to be distinguished or easily recognizable from its free services for the Users.

1. Name or title of the paid services

2. Summary of the paid services, the User’s initiating or engaging into the paid services, payment methods, and conditions

3. Minimum device requirements to use the paid services


① The Users cannot use BBANGYA TV’s services when the User:

1. provides false, inaccurate, or incomplete information or identity of someone else in order to register or change information in the BBANGYA TV platform

2. forges identification, uses other person’s personal information including but not limited to his/her account, credit card, or telephone number to purchase BBANGYA TV’s paid services

3. commercially uses BBANGYA TV’s products and properties without BBANGYA TV’s prior consent such as duplicating, publishing, and releasing BBANGYA TV’s programs or contents to the third parties

4. duplicates BBANGYA TV’s contents or other related information obtained from BBANGYA TV’s contents or services without permission or uses them for commercial benefits or logs in BBANGYA TV’s services with unknown bugs for taking unjust enrichment

5. makes profits from BBANGYA TV’s own services

6. makes defamatory, libel or malicious statements or causes damages to the third parties or the BBANGYA TV

7. disrupts BBANGYA TV’s intellectual property rights or other related legal rights without BBANGYA TV’s permission or uses, collects, or spreads other Users’ personal information without BBANGYA TV’s prior permission

8. causes any harm or damages to the third parties arising out of unhealthy use of BBANGYA TV’s services

9. puts obscene information, connects to the specific obscene website, or connects to unauthorized commercial marketing

10. engages illegal gambling activities or advertise gambling

11. spreads or sends unhealthy words, audio, comments, or video clips causing impersonate others or unlawful ends

12. puts, spreads, sends, or uploads any illegal or prohibited contents or information, or disrupts computer software, hardware, communication devices, spreads unlawful computer virus, computer code, file, or programs under the laws and regulations

13. adds, hacks, or installs other programs to BBANGYA TV’s services without its prior consent in order to obtain BBANGYA TV ‘s information, change or destroy data of the BBANGYA TV

14. communicates, registers, or installs contents as if the User is a BBANGYA TV’s staff and interferes with or disrupts BBANGYA TV’s services, servers, networks connected to BBANGYA TV Services

15. uses BBANGYA TV’s services for a commercial purpose, an advertisement, or a political campaign without BBANGYA TV’s prior consent

16. intentionally or unintentionally violates any applicable laws or social norms and disrupting public health

② the User shall comply with the Terms or/and the Announcement made by the BBANGYA TV. The User shall not engage any activities disrupting BBANGYA TV’s services.

③ the User holds all responsibilities managing his/her account. The User may not allow his/her account to the third party.

④ BBANGYA TV may set the detailed rules of terms under the Article 1 or 2. The User may follow the rules.

1. Restriction on the User’s ID and Passwords

2. Restriction on creating User ID based on him/herself or the other parties

3. Restriction on using the bulletin board

4. Other related restriction in case of needs without disrupting the User’s rights


① The BBANGYA TV provides the services following:

1. VOD Services

2. Shopping Services

3. Advertisement or Marketing Services (link to the third party services, event pages, or other business marketing activities)

4. Other Services developed or provided under the business contracts or MOU agreements

② The BBANGYA TV may restrict service hours. In this case, the BBANGYA TV will notify the users prior to apply the restrictions.

③ The BBANGYA TV provides its “Services” for 24/7.

④ The quality of services may differ from each electronic device, network service environment, and etc.

⑤ When there are significant issues in computer service, communication methods, tools, or servers, the BBANGYA TV may pause its “Services” and resume the services. According to the Article 9, the BBANGYA TV shall notify to its Users. In case of emergency, the BBANGYA TV may not notify its Users.

⑥ The BBANGYA TV may engage system maintenance occasionally. The hours of maintenance will be notified on its main service page.


① The BBANGYA TV may stop its services due to issues in its business management, lack of generating profit, merge, acquisition, or next generation services. When there are significant needs, the BBANGYA TV may terminate its services in parts or whole.

② The BBANGYA TV may vary or amend its free services in parts or whole due to its business management. Without regulated provision provided, the BBANGYA TV does not need to notify the Users.

③ BBANGYA TV shall provide reasonable compensation when there is a limited termination of paid services or errors according to its Paid Service Agreement.

④ When BBANGYA TV changes its contents, time of use, or method of use of “services,” or termination of “services,” BBANGYA TV shall notify the Users by putting “administrative announcements” on its website or sending emails 30 days before changes applied.

⑤ If the BBANGYA TV changes, or terminates its business, the User cannot get compensation for BBANGYA TV’s paid or free contents, which pass its due. For the permanent paid services, the compensation will be made within 12 months from the announcement followed by BBANGYA TV’s terms and conditions.

⑥ The BBANGYA TV is not liable for followed by any damage caused by change or termination of BBANGYA TV’s services unless there is a significant and unreasonable and intentional wrongdoing on BBANGYA TV’s side.


① The BBANGYA TV reserves right to provide advertisements related to its management or business marketing of its “services” through the website, its website screen, push messages, or electronic mails.

② The BBANGYA TV may make announcements to its Users when it is necessary via push message or email. However, the User preserves rights to deny those messages based on the Korea’s national laws.

③ The BBANGYA TV is not liable for any shown third party’s or business partners’ advertisement and related damages caused by their marketing or advertising activities. BBANGYA TV does not guarantee any commercial sites or advertisements made by the separate links from BBANGYA TV’s services.


① BBANGYA TV holds all of the rights and responsibilities of the User’s submitted contents to the services. BBANGYA TV may delete the contents, or lock the User’s account in case of need without notifying the User. When the User:

1. causes defamation/libel to or disrupts business of the BBANGYA TV, the other Users, or the third parties

2. disrupts public rules or social norms

3. engages any criminal activities

4. disrupts BBANGYA TV’s or other’s intellectual properties and copyrights

5. puts or uploads obscene contents or links on BBANGYA TV’s sites

6. makes commercial marketing or advertisement without prior consent of the BBANGYA TV

7. makes false or malicious contents

8. disrupts BBANGYA TV ‘s business activities

9. engages other activities BBANGYA TV determines the User’s contents violate any laws of Korea

② When the User’s creates, uploads, or makes contents or comments containing subjects or items violating local or national Communication or Copyrights Laws, BBANGYA TV’s staff members or a person with authorization may remove, suspend, or delete those contents or the User’s account. The BBANGYA TV may engage further legal actions followed by the local laws.

③ The BBANGYA TV may or may not pre-screen, delete, remove away, or manage contents designed to violate the Terms of Use or local or national laws without manager’s request under the Article 2.


① The User’s uploaded contents contain subject to violate the Commercial Communication Law or Copyrights Law; BBANGYA TV’s staff may follow steps to remove or delete those contents. BBANGYA TV will manage those contents following the laws.

② BBANBYA may temporarily move those contents without the right holder’s request when those contents indicate violation of laws or BBANGYA TV’s terms.


① The BBANGYA TV reserves all copyrights and all other intellectual property rights related to its “services.” However, the User’s comments, contents, or the third party’s properties will be excluded.

② The BBANGYA TV reserves all rights or ownerships of the following items including but not limited to its design, services, texts, script, graphic, messengers, trademark, marks, or logos, which are offered by the BBANGYA TV under the Korean and other related International Laws

③ The Users are not granted “services” by the BBANGYA TV under the Terms. Instead, the User does not have an ownership of the rights to use BBANGYA TV’s services.

④ The User has a limited access to the “services,” which are explicitly allowed to use under the Terms. The Users are prohibited to provide commercial use of membership information, copy, trade, or share of BBANGYA TV’s text, script, contents, and anything related to its services to others in any case without prior written consents.

⑤ The BBANBYA TV grants the User “right to use” its services such as allowing to have account, ID(s), and contents, not ownership. Thus the Users cannot sell, purchase, or transfer their rights.


① The Users can terminate the service at any time using with “delete my related account” tab via BBANGYA TV’s website. The BBANGYA TV will immediately proceed the User’s termination of membership request upon the User’s request.

② When the User terminates its membership/registration, BBANGYA TV deletes the User’s data automatically except that information mentioned in the related laws and regulations to save or store. However, the User’s comments, contents, and other written contents will not be automatically deleted unless the User delete them accordingly.


① BBANGYA TV can limit the scope of its services permanently or temporarily when the Users violate the Terms of Use or disrupts BBANGYA TV’s services.

② The BBANGYA TV terminates these terms when the User breaches any provision of these terms including forged identification, copyrights laws, computer program protection law illegally copying, distributing, or hacking BBANGYA TV’s programs. The BBANGYA TV will immediately terminate the User’s right to use and access the services. The BBANGYA TV will not compensate any damages caused by those activities to the Users.

③ The BBANGYA TV may limit the User’s accessibility to the services when the User does not log in to its page for more than 6 months in order to prove its efficiency of the services.

④ All other issues not mentioned in the Terms of Services, the BBANGYA TV will follow its Terms of Membership Services.

⑤ When BBANGYA TV limits or terminates its agreement with the User, BBANGYA TV shall announce it according to the Article 9 of the Terms of Services.

⑥ The Users may make complaints or argues against BBANGYA TV’s judgment of blocking the User’s using or logging in BBANGYA TV’s services. When the User’s argument is reasonable, the BBANGYA TV may resume the User’s access to the services.


① The BBANGYA TV, its subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, agents, employees, partners, and licensors hold rights to indemnify for their poor quality or unavailability of providing “services” in case of the act of God.

② The BBANGYA TV does not hold any responsibility in case of unavailability of its services caused by the User’s mistakes or unlawful acts.

③ The BBANGYA TV does not hold any responsibilities to the User’s comment, information, fact of the comments, and accuracy of the comments.

④ The BBANGYA TV is not responsible for any dispute occurred between the User and the third party arising out of our “services.”

⑤ The BBANGYA TV is not responsible for the unlawful free services.

⑥ The BBANGYA TV is not responsible for any contents or quality of any products made by any third party due to or arising out of contents what the User submits, posts, transmits, modifies, advertises, or otherwise makes available through the service.

⑦ The BBANGYA TV, its employees, or its legal representatives are not liable or legally responsible for those damages when damages:

1. caused by the User’s fake, incomplete, inaccurate, or unclear information

2. are technical related to “services” or “logging into services” caused by the Users

3. caused by the third party who illegally logs in or hacks BBANGYA TV’s services

4. caused by the third party who disrupts the services or sends server signals without BBANGYA TV’s authorization

5. caused by the third party who uses, downloads, or provides BBANGYA TV’s services without authorization or rights to distribute, or disrupts BBANGYA TV’s services including but not limited to spreading virus or spywares

6. caused by sending erroneous, omitted, deleted, or missing data

7. cause civil and criminal legal responsibilities arising out of disputes among BBANGYA TV’s Users while they are using BBANGYA TV’s services


BBANGYA TV is aware of the nature of the internet services of which global nature. However, BBANGYA TV is its providing servers headquartered and mainly in Korea. Thus, when the User is using our “service” outside of Korean territory, BBANGYA TV is not guarantee the quality of “service” we are providing. Therefore, the User holds responsibility when s/he uses BBANGYA TV’s “services” outside of the Korean territories. All responsibilities to follow local and national laws and regulations are on each User.


① If there is a legal dispute between BBANGYA TV and individual members, applicable law is Korean national laws.

② If there is a legal dispute between BBANGYA TV and individual members, the venue of any lawsuit at civil courts of Korea.

③ The Terms of Use is originally written in Korean, but translated in English. When there is a difference in interpretation of words, the parties must follow Korean version of Terms of Use.

- Announcement Date: May 23, 2019

- Effective date: May 29, 2019

BBANGYA TV NETWORKS (“BBANGYA”) is complying with Korea’s National Telecommunication Privacy Act, Electronic Commerce Law, Telecommunication Service and Information Protection Laws. We are doing our best in order to protect the user’s information, privacy, and security when the user/member uses BBANGYA’s services.



–When the Users log-in with their SNS accounts, BBANGYA will be provided their nickname, SNS ID, and profile images from each SNS services. Users may add their email address after logging in with their SNS accounts. After registering their email addresses, Users may log-in with their email addresses. In case of using email addresses for sign-pin, BBANGYA TV shall collect email addresses, and passwords.

During the service, BBANGYA may collect Users’ name, date of birth, gender, email address, and mobile numbers upon their agreement. In order to verify Users, BBANGYA may collect name, date of birth gender, DI, CI, mobile provider, mobile number, and personal information. BBANGYA may automatically collect cookies, login and IP information, payment method and payment history, period of usage, application of usage information and other related technical information in order to improve BBANGYA’s overall quality of services.

Additionally, BBANGYA may automatically collect the user’s information including but not limited to mobile device model, carrier information, OS and version, login information, and MAC address in case the user logs in BBANGYA with the user’s mobile devices.


BBANGYA may collect personal information of an individual user/member.

– BBANGYA may collect personal information from the user when s/he registers the BBANGYA’s services or registers for affiliated business partners’ services offered upon agreements.

※ Above information may include not only registration information but also all of changed and updated information of the user.


BBANYA uses collected personal information for the purposes following

A. Service providing and checking identification

– BBANGYA may use the user’s information in order to provide services, related member identification, survey related to our service qualities and validation

– BBANGYA may use the user’s information in order to secure membership registration including identification of member, registration agreement, membership termination, and children under the age of 14, confirmation by a parent or a legal guardian in case needed

– BBANGYA may use the user’s personal information in order to terminate membership with the bully user/member (according to the Terms of Service Article 11 Section 1 and Article 20 Section 1 and 2) and prohibit those user’s/member’s unauthorized use of BBANGYA‘s services

– BBANGYA may share the user’s information with other partner companies, agents or contractors to engage services from them on BBANGYA’s behalf or to assist BBANGYA with the provision of services to the user/member and to solve BBANGYA’s legal issues, or the user’s complaints.


– Delivery or announce news related to BBANGYA ‘s services

– Provide necessary information related to BBANGYA’s services including user/member benefits, issues, and alerts

– Displays events, new contents, and targeted advertisements based on personal information. (Only upon agreement)


– BBANGYA may use the user’s personal information in order to calculate fees and payment, and collection of those fees or in order to provide information related to fees and payments

– BBANGYA may use the user’s personal information in order to provide promotions, business partnership sales, or other affiliated events and promotions


– BBANGYA may use the user’s personal information in order to collect, provide, or use the statistics which cannot distinguish individual characteristics including but not limited to market search, population survey


– Develop new products and services

– Provide customer services

– Provide targeted product service benefits or advertisement

– Provide targeted marketing services and advertisement based on statistics

– Offer promotion events and advertisement information


– BBANGYA is doing our due diligence and putting reasonable care to provide a better service environment in terms of security, privacy, and safety to the users.


BBANGYA does not rent, sell, or share the user’s personal information outside the scope of this privacy agreement provided and agreed. In addition, BBANGYA does not rent, sell, or share the user’s personal information to or with the third party or non-affiliated companies without user’s prior permission. BBANGYA will put an extra care when BBANGYA uses or provides personal information for the following cases


BBANGYA may provide the user’s personal information to its affiliated companies or business partners in order to improve overall BBANGYA ‘s service qualities. BBANGYA provides the user’s [personal] information to its trusted partners who work on behalf of or with BBANGYA under the confidentiality agreements only if the user agrees prior to sharing or disclosure.


When BBANGYA makes a significant business judgment related to merge or acquisition selling or transferring a part or whole of our business and sharing the user’s personal information, BBANGYA may announce those changes to the user.


In order to provide stable and outstanding quality of services through the BBANGYA TV’s website and mobile application, BBANGYA has outsourced its technical service maintenance services to the specialty company named following. BBANGYA ‘s outsourcing contract is secured upon the related laws and regulations.


– For the members, until they terminate the membership

※ BBANGYA separately manage the members who are not using our services more than 1 year upon the law of “Expiration of Personal Information Act”


– In order to prevent violation of membership terms and registration, BBANGYA may store the terminated user’s personal information for about additional 6 months


In case of ecommerce and commercial laws, BBANGYA is storing personal information in order to protect consumers for the period stated in the laws. BBANGYA may store and save the user’s personal information for the certain period of time in case of needed or set by the laws following

1) Records related to entering into or revoking agreement

Reason : Laws of Consumer Protection Act in E-Commerce

Duration : 5 years

2) Records related to payment history

Reason: Laws of Consumer Protection Act in E-Commerce

Duration : 5 years

3) Related to Consumer complaints and disputes

Reason: Laws of Consumer Protection Act in E-Commerce

Duration : 3 years

4) Records of Confirming Identification

Reason : Telecommunication Privacy Protection Act

Duration : 6 months

5) Records of logs

Reason : Telecommunication Privacy Protection Act

Duration : 3 months


BBANGYA deletes the user’s information once BBANGYA achieves collection of the personal information necessary and satisfy with BBANGYA’s purpose of use. There are few process and methods of deleting.


– Once the registration process is over, the user’s personal information will be transferred to the separate database.

After the certain period regulated by laws, BBANGYA deletes the user’s personal information immediately after the period is over.

– BBANGYA is not using the user’s personal data outside the scope of the service purposes.

– The personal information written or printed on the papers will be shred.

– Electronical files will be deleted with a proper technical method in order to prevent recycle or reuse.


– A user or a legal representative always can look up the account information of him or herself or a child age below 14. They may ask the termination of account or services.

– If there is any updates, corrections, or issues related to a user or child’s personal information, do not hesitate to contact us via phone or email.



BBANGYA is doing our best in order to prevent cyber-attacks including hacking and computer virus. It is for securing and protecting the user’s personal information. BBANGYA is doing our best to have secure technical methods.


BBANGYA’s staff has a limited access to the user’s personal information. Only a few staff has an access to the information and its methods of access have been secured and updated occasionally. BBANGYA is also providing a proper education to BBANGYA’s managing staff who is in charge of the user’s personal information to secure the user’s privacy.


BBANGYA uses reasonable administrative, logical, physical and managerial cares to protect the user’s personal information. However, it does not guarantee 100 percent protection of the user’s information. If the user’s personal information has disclosed or disrupted based on his or her own mistakes, BBANGYA is not responsible for any damages unless there is BBANGYA’s intentional wrongdoing.


If the user has any questions, suggestions, concerns, or complaints, s/he may contact us immediately. The users can contact BBANGYA at

Related Officer of Member Privacy

Name: Young Ik Hwang

Position: Director

Tel: +82-2-744-3948

Email: jamie1211@naver.com

The users may use government services in case of your privacy has been disrupted.

– Privacy Protection Services (www.118.or.kr / 118)

– E Privacy Center (www.eprivacy.or.kr / 02-580-0533~4)

– Prosecutor’s Office Crime Team (http://www.spo.go.kr / 02-3480-2000)

– Korea National Police Cyber Terror Team (www.ctrc.go.kr / 02-392-0330)


If there is a change or amendment in the privacy terms, BBANGYA shall announce those changes at least 7 days before being effective through its TV Service “Announcement” page.

– Dated: May 23, 2019

– May 29, 2019

BBANGYA Networks are practicing the following activities to protect our teen users from harmful or dangerous content abiding to Korea’s ”
“Teenager Protection Act” and “Communication Using and Information Protection Acts.
1. Limited access on harmful contents for teenagers and related management
2. Educate BBANGYA offers for protecting our teen users from harmful contents
3. Provide customer services related to harmful contents
4.Officer in charge of Teenager Privacy Act
Name: Youngik Hwang
Position: Director
Department: Management
Contact: +82-2-744-3948
Officer in charge of Teenager Privacy Act
Name: Injung Park
Position: Manager
Department: Contents Production
Contact: +82-2-744-3948,
E-mail : parkjoaninjeong@gmail.com
BBANGYA Networks is doing our best to protect our teen users from any harmful contents. To learn more about our practices for your teens’ account, please see the notice.

We hereby state prohibited acts of “members” while using BBANGYA TV. “Members” should follow and abide BBANGYA TV’s rules.

‘In case of violation, BBANGYA TV may proceed civil and/or criminal lawsuits against the members. If members disagree, members cannot use BBANGYA TV’s “services.” If disagrees, please stop using BBANGYA’s “services.

1. Members cannot use “service contents” exceed to its permission. Members cannot download or exclude BBANGYA’s “service contents,” or send them through or post on other internet server or website without prior consents of BBANGYA TV.

2. Members cannot make access to BBANGYA’s “service” and/or “service contents” in the ways of BBANGYA disagrees or unpermitted. If members use technical or/and physical access to BBANGYA with/without third parties’ account information, those acts will be strictly prohibited.

3. All intellectual property and trademarks include and/or arise out of BBANGYA’s “services” cannot be used without BBANGYA’s prior consent. Members shall not make others to misunderstand that members hold those (“service” and/or “service contents”) intellectual properties.

4. Members shall not distribute “BBANGYA” and other parties’ all information learning while using “service” and/or “service contents” without prior consent of BBANGYA and/or other parties. Members shall not disclose that information and/or redistribute them.